Shen Crew wins $1,500 Hannaford Clynk bottle return contest

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. – Instead of being on the water making a splash during February and March, the Friends of Shenendehowa and its supporters were busy trying to make bottles and cans ‘Clynk.’
The local rowing program made its move, often called a ‘Power 10’ of 10 powerful strokes during a race and teamed up with Hannaford and its 7th annual Clynk for Schools Recycling Challenge, earning an additional $1,500 as the top collector in New York State.
The Friends of Shenendehowa Crew program was credited with 17,045 returns for the month, ahead of second-place Troy’s School 18 with 13,610 entries and Loudonville School with 13,004.
“They gave us .50 cent on the dollar on top of the refund and for all the different schools that competed we had the most collections,” Friends of Shenendehowa Crew head coach Sean O’Brien said. “”We won a $1,500 prize for that and awarded a nice plaque and trophy at a ceremony.
“They were really happy with the turnout that we did, a Shen Crew program that represented Shenendehowa High School and we beat all the other full schools that competed in the program.”

Bottle drives have been a staple for the Burnt Hills Rowing and Shenendehowa crew programs, but the Hannaford program made the fund raiser even more enticing for all involved.
“The Clynk program is definitely great, everyone has their own individual account that it goes through and when you use the Clynk bags they put on the label, scan it at Hannaford, put it in the bin and they’re done,” O’Brien said. “They do all the counting, sorting, everything.
“We knew the program going into and once this fundraiser with the option of winning some extra monetary value onto it everyone really jumped onto it and put a lot off effort into it, so it was fun.”
The Friends of Shenendehowa Crew, is a 501c3 not-for-profit entity and and relies on fundraisers like the Clynk for Schools program among other events to raise operational and equipment funds.
The $1,500, along with the continued return of bottles through the program is slated for the program’s equipment fund.
“We’re going to build that bank up and hope to get a new boat, upgrade some of our equipment, get a new eight pretty soon,” O’Brien said. “Every little bit will count towards getting a $30,000 boat.”

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